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My journey of getting to know about cancer and the Benefits of Hemp began back in April 2010 when my primary care physician told me I was diagnosed with cancer. Hearing that news made me feel I was hit by a pro boxer.  The initial reaction had my mind racing, ‘whatcha gonna do? How do I handle this? ….’etc.
I don’t know how long I was silent, but I guess it will least a minute.

Snapping back into moment’s reality, sitting across the doctor’s desk in his office; The reeling in my head was slowing down, we began discussing a plan of action. The cancer was in the early stage and we can fight it.

I was to have blood drawn bi-monthly. Return to him every two weeks, and in between those visits I was to see some specialists to consult on my fitness and condition, and soon I began treatment.

At the start, I decided I wanted to continue to work. I couldn’t see myself sitting at wait doing almost nothing. Using a workplace employee benefit of  paid time off for medical purposes was far better that the six months of paid medical leave. That latter option, in my mind, could jeopardize my job security because of my perceived long-term illness, and receiving no real income really had me occupied.

The prognosis lasted 22 months.

What came of this life event was that I began researching my type of cancer trying to gain a sense of what was the treatment for it. Eventually I found articles on hemp, cannabis, marijuana as a possible treatment for cancer. The deeper I delved into the matter, the more I became convinced that the hemp plant was the answer I needed or at least an help me get through what I was bearing from live radiation isotope implants, sessions of chemo, with 6 weeks of radiation 5 times a week. Surprisingly, I didn’t miss a single day of work, thanks to smoking a joint on my way to work. Nauseous side effects disappeared when the terpenoids relaxed me, forgetting what I went finished through at start of my day. Ingesting Hemp Oils and Hemp Seeds with my meals definitely helped. After the full treatment was completed treatment, I continued working full time 3 more years before retiring.

The point of me telling my story, is to say in my research of cancer versus cannabis, I found a variety CBD oils, hemp oil, hemp seeds and how to make your own Rick Simpson Oil, along with other superfoods. I’ve also taken  a political stance with organizations battling the prohibition against hemp.

Now in retiring, I’ve decided to share with like-minded people, supporting senior health care with what I believe is a God-given-plant for our benefit for Grace Aging and Healthy Lifestyle.

Stay awhile,

-The Hempster


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